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Numerical Analysis of PDEs: A Finite Difference Method for the Wave Equation, Damped Wave Equation and Free Vibration of Beam

GUI help

This Matlab GUI displays numerical and exact solution to a PDEs of three kinds that was described in introduction. GUI displays animation of the solution as function of the spatial variable as time evolves.

How to use GUI

  1. Select Equation
  2. Select Method
  3. Select Initial Conditions:
    • Dx- Sampling in spatial coordinate
    • b-Damping, can be changed only for Damped Wave Equation
    • c-Can be changed only for Damped Wave Equation
    • Func-Initial shape of string
  4. Press Start button
  5. Reset button reinitializes the GUI

Detailed description of the parameters can be found on previous pages.

Download and start GUI

Download and unzip the following files into a directory.
Download file

Set the Matlab path to that directory and type MainGui at the Matlab prompt. The program will also write the output to a file in mat format.